Life Fitness Boot Camp– Starts May 18

by Judith Rich on April 27, 2010

 Sev­eral friends of mine have attended fit­ness “boot camps”, intense work-outs, usu­ally 6x/week for 6 weeks, intended to help them get their bod­ies fit and toned.  I’m all for fit and toned!

 Which led me to won­der, what about a pro­gram to help peo­ple get their lives “fit and toned”?  Why not offer a “Life Fit­ness Boot Camp “expe­ri­ence?  What would it look like?  How would it work?  

I’ve been an exec­u­tive and lead­er­ship coach for over 35 years, have worked with peo­ple in pub­lic and cor­po­rate set­tings, from stu­dents and house­wives to com­pany pres­i­dents and CEO’s.  I’ve coached peo­ple in other coun­tries, through inter­preters and am look­ing for­ward to return­ing to Rus­sia in June.  

Work­ing with a coach can help peo­ple get past the “log jams” that have pre­vented them from get­ting to their goals.  It can help peo­ple iden­tify areas of their life that war­rant con­cen­trated focus, set a clear inten­tion for what they’re com­mit­ted to accom­plish­ing in a given time-frame and pro­vide a sys­tem of account­abil­ity and feed­back along the way to help keep them on track.  

What keeps most peo­ple from hir­ing a coach is often the cost fac­tor.  It can be expen­sive, and “in this econ­omy”, I know peo­ple can find other places to spend their money.  And yet, nav­i­gat­ing through life with­out a clearly defined set of goals and a sys­tem of feed­back and account­abil­ity is a bit like try­ing to thread a nee­dle while wear­ing a blind­fold.  It needn’t be that difficult!

Which is pre­cisely why I want to offer this coach­ing “boot camp” oppor­tu­nity.  I want to make coach­ing acces­si­ble by bring­ing down the cost, mak­ing it afford­able and still hav­ing it be effec­tive.  I’m offer­ing three dif­fer­ent, 4 week “boot camps” over the course of the next 3 months, each series cost­ing only $39. 

Bet­ter yet, you can par­tic­i­pate in all three boot camps for only $99.  That’s 18 hours of group coach­ing for only $99, com­pared to $150/hr. for indi­vid­ual ses­sions charged by most coaches. 

The Group Experience

There is a dynamic that hap­pens when work­ing with a group of com­mit­ted peo­ple, all intend­ing to take their lives to the next level and hold­ing them­selves and each other account­able for their results.  There is a syn­ergy to this group endeavor that ener­gizes par­tic­i­pants to ele­vate their level of com­mit­ment around what mat­ters most. 

Ulti­mately, it’s one’s level of com­mit­ment that gets the job done.  Receiv­ing coach­ing and feed­back when you’re up against your com­mit­ments and stretch­ing your­self to achieve break­throughs makes a difference.

As a coach, I’m trained to see and hear beyond what’s being said to help my clients dis­cover beliefs and behav­ior pat­terns that sab­o­tage suc­cess and keep them from achiev­ing their goals.  As you hear me work­ing with peo­ple on the calls, you’ll hear your own issues and con­cerns being echoed.  And while coach­ing isn’t a “one size fits all” phe­nom­e­non, you and I will be able to see how to best address your unique issues.  

How does it work?

1.  Enroll by click­ing here.  Select your boot camp(s) you’ll be taken to PayPal’s secure web­site to com­plete registration.

2.  Upon com­ple­tion, you’ll receive a con­fir­ma­tion email from Pay­Pal with the phone num­ber and access code for the group calls.  Be sure to keep this infor­ma­tion as you’ll need it to get on the call each week. 

3.  You’ll be doing “home­work” assign­ments each week, mak­ing dec­la­ra­tions, and tak­ing on new behav­iors to move you in the direc­tion of your goals.  

4.  I’ll ask you to email me a weekly “report” of your results and I’ll be send­ing you feed­back and coach­ing on what you’ve submitted.  

5.  You’ll have a chance to “share” on the calls and request coach­ing on spe­cific issues.   

So whether it’s los­ing weight, or clean­ing up your diet, get­ting clear about a rela­tion­ship, or clean­ing up the past,“take your­self to camp” and jump start a new future.  




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