Welcome To My Brand New Blog!

I’ve been blogging on other sites for the past nine months and thought it was about time I started my own.  So here it is, and here we are, I’m glad we’re here together.

I plan to update here on a regular basis, daily if I’m really disciplined, so come back often, pull up a cushion, get comfortable and let’s get down to the Soul of the matter.

The matters of the Soul (Capital S) have intrigued me for a long time.  Somehow, I ended up doing my doctoral studies on the Psychology of the Soul, also known as Archetypal Psychology.  While I’d done extensive inner work before starting my doctoral program, and had undergone enormous personal transformation already, this work took me deeper than I’d ever gone before and opened up so many new doorways to the inner terrain.   I’ve since further deepened my work through journeys into the shamanic realm, and life has never quite been the same since!  All powerful and transformative experiences, I might add.

I intend this space to be a collective place for discovery about the Soul’s journey, yours and mine.  I’ve touched on this subject somewhat already on the Huffington Post and  I’ll be posting those archives here so you can check out these earlier posts.

The Soul covers a lot of territory!  From an archetypal perspective, it’s ALL soul!  So we have a wide range of topics and ideas we can explore.   Learning to discover and connect with your soul’s calling, learning to live in alignment with that calling, will fundamentally alter the way you experience your life.   It seems to me the Soul is  the core, the very foundation from which to build a life.  Yet most people live their lives going through the motions, doing what’s expected, following somebody else’s ideas about who they are and what their life is about, never really looking much beneath the surface.

If you’re going to look into matters of the Soul, you need to be willing to look deep.  Be willing to look at what’s not pretty, because the Soul could care less about appearances.  What the Soul cares about is learning, through any and all mechanisms.  It matters not to the Soul how we learn.  Just that we learn.   The Soul’s agenda is to evolve, to come to completion.  If that requires what I call “hard homework”, then so be it.  The Soul is up for it all.   The personality might not be up for it, but the Soul is game for everything.  Hence, when life is dealing the hard lessons, you can be sure there’s soul work being done.

Here are some questions for starters.  These are the things I’m wondering about and I invite you to join me in an inquiry.  I’d love to hear what you come up with and I’ll share my discoveries as well:

What is your Soul calling you to, right now in your life?

What is the Soul of this moment in our collective experience?

How do you experience Soul moving through your life?

We’re just getting started and it’s a long journey.  So I hope you’ll be a regular reader, invite your friends to join us and let’s engage in a community conversation about what arrives on the table.

A note regarding comments:

Comments will be moderated before being posted.   Agree, disagree,  please just keep it civil and on topic.

With that being said, please feel free to leave your comments below.  And thanks for being here!