Healing the Wounds of Your Ancestors

by Judith Rich on July 16, 2017

This post, written originally in 2011, has generated some of the most frequent mail inquiries I’ve received.  One of those inquiries was from Pavini Moray, an M.Ed doctoral candidate in somatic psychology whose podcast, Bespoken Bones, focuses on the relationship between ancestors and our erotic/sexual wellness.

Below is a link to the podcast I recently recorded on the topic.

Episode 010: Choosing to heal our lineages


“You are a link in a chain of causation that stretches before and after your life for a thousand generations.”

Rev. Chris Michaels, founding minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Kansas City, Missouri

Unless you’re a Native American, if you were born in America, somewhere in your lineage, you can trace back to ancestors who came here from a foreign land to start a new life. That decision affected all future generations in your lineage, including you. Your life has taken a different trajectory because of the choices made by your ancestors.

Native Americans believe that our actions affect the seven generations in both directions. Think about that possibility. Is it possible that we can evolve our lineage backwards in time as well as forwards? Does it matter? Does it make any difference?

Consider that it’s not only possible, but that’s exactly how it works and that to have this awareness matters a great deal, for it cuts to the core of what is true about the nature of human being. We’re here in a body, and we appear to be separate. We appear to lead separate lives, have different experiences, different beliefs and opinions about what is true and right and how the world works. This is true, at the level of appearances.

But as our dear friends and scientific geniuses, Carl Sagan and company, in the video I posted a few weeks ago reminded us, we are all part of this great cosmic symphony of particles and light dancing together, energy that’s never destroyed, only transformed. The form changes, the energy remains.

“The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it. It’s the way those atoms are put together. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

–Carl Sagan, American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist and author

As you step to the front of the line in your ancestry, the energy they embodied has been passed on and is now expressing as you and those of your current generation in the lineage. As you transform, the energy of the entire lineage preceding you is transformed, for it is all happening now through you, as you. You are the one who can heal old wounds for your entire lineage, forgive old enemies, shift generations of conditioning and beliefs, release pain that has held preceding generations captive for centuries.

This is the gift you bring them, for as they departed, they left behind the residue of their unfinished business, passed on down through the ages, held in place by the unspoken family agreement to perpetuate it. That is, up until now. And now, it’s your turn. Bringing completion for the last seven generations and what happens for the next seven generations now depends on you.

You can take this as a burden and decline to answer the call.. This is how the wound keeps reproducing itself. Or you can see this as a gift and an honor, an opportunity to contribute to those you’ll never see or know, those who may never know your name.   And you can choose to do the work of healing

Perhaps you come from a lineage of addiction, from people who found solace and comfort from what seemed unbearable, through alcohol or other substances. You might come from a lineage of anger or violence, from people who kept score and settled them in ways that were destructive to themselves and others. Maybe your people tried hard to assimilate and fit in, but never quite succeeded, always the “outsider”. Your people might have been survivors, having lived through war or other atrocities. Many fought the battles, inner and outer, and those conflicts were passed down through the ages and some of those battles have landed in your lap.

Maybe you’ve carried the scars of those ancient battles without consciously knowing that’s what was working in your psyche. Our wounds aren’t always our own, that is, until we make them so. If we can carry the gifts and the wounds of those who came before, isn’t it possible that we could also do the healing for them as well?

It takes courage to do the work of healing. It’s not comfortable, convenient or easy. It’s not “business as usual”, or maintaining the status quo. It means the end of denial, pretending and avoiding. It means being radically honest with yourself and those around you. This kind of honesty won’t necessarily win popularity contests, but it will recalibrate your DNA.

And it stands to reason that if we’re healing and transforming the wounds we carry from those who came before, we’re also changing the trajectory of those who come after. Those who follow will have a different standard as the foundation for the linage. If we break the chain of addiction, violence or other inherited limiting beliefs, our children and their children and those who follow them are given access to possibilities not available to our ancestors. And thus, the entire lineage evolves.

I once had a dream in which I found myself standing in front of a long table. Seated at the table was a group of ascended masters who called themselves “The Committee”. On the ground before me was drawn a “line in the sand”. The Committee gave me the following instructions: “If you choose to step across this line, you will take with you your entire lineage. It’s entirely your choice.”

In the dream, stepping across the line symbolized my choice to evolve as a conscious being. By stepping across, I was bringing consciousness to the generations who came before and after me. I could see them and feel their presence. They were all standing behind me, with their hands on each other’s shoulders linked together in a long chain of beings. I could feel their longings and the unfinished business of their lives.

The choice was an easy one, but I needed to declare it. It had to be a conscious step. So I spoke to the Committee and declared, “I choose to evolve as a conscious being on behalf of all my ancestors, for those who came before and those who come after”. I stepped across the line and as I did, I could feel the energy of all of them come with me. Then I woke up from the dream.

It’s time we all woke up from the dream. In doing the work of awakening, we’re invited to rise up and see what lies beyond the wound, what possibilities await our arrival at the place of conscious choice. What’s possible when we live our lives fully embracing ourselves as the magnificent beings we truly are? What’s possible for the human condition when we care enough about each other to look upon one another as partners in this cosmic symphony instead of mortal enemies because it’s been that way for centuries?

I once began a seminar by sharing this dream and drawing an imaginary line in the front of the room. I then invited participants, whoever chose to, to come to the front, step across the line and declare them selves. Many made the choice, but not all. And this is how it is with us humans.

So I now invite you to consider making this choice for the thousands of people you represent. Imagine that standing behind you, are the people from your past and your future. Many of them haven’t even been born yet. Will you choose to “step across the line”, do the conscious work of healing and move the chain of beings in a “thousand generations” with you?

What wounds do you carry that come from your lineage, passed on for generations? What can you do to change the trajectory for them and for those who follow?

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