Sip­ping From The Well Of Wisdom

“We live in suc­ces­sion, in divi­sion, in parts, in par­ti­cles. Mean­time within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the uni­ver­sal beauty, to which every part and par­ti­cle is equally related, the eter­nal ONE. The act of see­ing and the thing seen, the seer and the spec­ta­cle, the sub­ject and the object, are one.“
– Ralph Waldo Emer­son

Wel­come to Rx For The Soul !

You’ve found your way here, so you must be search­ing, as all humans even­tu­ally do, to find the path that leads back home;  home to your­self, home to know­ing and lov­ing who you are, home to dis­cov­er­ing and ful­fill­ing your destiny.

This site is intended to be a “wis­dom well”; a place to sit and drink of wis­dom that hope­fully, leads you to your own truths. Rx For The Soul will be evolv­ing over time, just as the soul’s process unfolds over a life­time.  The soul process calls forth our patience.  It has its own agenda, its own timetable, which often doesn’t  coin­cide with what we think our life is about at the level of the personality.

Here, you’ll find offer­ings from the well; my per­sonal blog and newslet­ter, tele-seminars, group and indi­vid­ual coach­ing services.

You’ll be intro­duced to other pil­grims on the path who join us here at the well to offer their wisdom.What you’ll find here is my own and oth­ers’ unique per­spec­tives on the sub­jects at hand:

How do you address and care for the deep­est long­ings of the Soul?

How can you learn to deci­pher the Soul’s lan­guage and respond?

What is your Soul’s call­ing and how can you live your life in align­ment with it?

How can you use chal­lenges and dif­fi­cul­ties to help you grow?

How can you best pre­pare your­self for liv­ing in these times of mon­u­men­tal change?

What is the source of your deep­est joy, pas­sion, and sense of freedom?

What prac­tices will best sup­port you going forward?

My blog will be updated fre­quently so stop by reg­u­larly and let’s share what we dis­cover in the well together.  Please be sure to sub­scribe to the RSS feed, either by email or in a feed­burner so you won’t miss any updates.

I want to hear from you, so con­sider this a place for you to express your­self and share your own wis­dom.  Become a sub­scriber so you won’t miss any updates and announce­ments of new offerings.

Come in then, from this hur­ried world, and sit awhile with me.We’ll sip slowly together and dis­cover the tex­tures of wis­dom, all the way down to the core. We’re just begin­ning this jour­ney together.

It’s my honor to meet you here.I’ve been wait­ing for you.

With love and blessings,

Dr. Judith Rich

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